2020 Cadillac CT5 image

The luxury sedan segment is becoming much richer this year – with the spectacular Cadillac CT5, a newcomer determined to set standards very high. The four-door, fastback sedan debuted at the 2019 New York Auto Show and astonished experts and car enthusiasts alike with its design that combines the flair of the 1940’s and modern sleekness. Here are some of the most convincing details of this spectacular new model, intended by its manufacturer to make a strong statement of design and tech and to be an expression of Cadillac’s dedication to safety, quality and style.

Cadillac CT5 Trim Levels and Powertrain Options

The Cadillac CT5 line-up has four members. Three of them, the Luxury, the Premium Luxury and the Sport variants, are already available, while the fourth one, called the CT5-V, will hit dealerships early 2020). The three trims that can be bought right now share the same, high-tech, Twin-Scroll Turbo 2.0T-engine, able to put out 237 HP and 258 lb-ft of torque, matched to a superb, 10-speed transmission (automatic, evidently), with Electronic Precision Shift.

The second and the highest of the already available trims, the Premium Luxury and the Sport variants are also available with an optional 3.0-liter Twin-Turbo V6 that delivers 335 HP and 400 lb-ft – the standard engine for the CT5-V. All engine options include active fuel management, a system that deactivates specific cylinders to enhance fuel economy. All models are rear-wheel drive, running on Cadillac’s award-winning architecture fitted with Driver Mode Control and all-wheel drive is also offered as an option on all models.

The driver of any 2020 CT5 has the option to select the most suitable drive mode – the available choices are Tour, Sport, Snow/Ice and a new option called My Mode, each options coming with a specific range of setting to adjust shifting, steering, the feel of the brakes and the way the torque is split between the front and the rear wheels. Maneuvering is made easy by the rack-mounted power steering system provided by Bosch, while all-terrain comfort is ensured by the ZF MVS passive dampers.

All trims are fitted with 17-gallon tanks and offer an estimated fuel economy of 26 MPG for city and road combined.

Outstanding Exterior and Interior Design Features That Make the Cadillac CT5 Special

The lamps in the front and in the rear of any car are components that not only influence safety and drivability, but also gives the car its personality. The designers who created the CT5 are obviously well aware of the importance of lights – the automatic on/off LED headlamps and the LED taillamps are spectacular and they summarize the stylishly assertive character of the entire vehicle, while also offering Tunnel Detection. Solar-absorbing glass is also standard on all trims.

The interior of the CT5 is a great match for the attractive interior, all cabin versions being made with materials of the highest quality. While the front seats offer superior comfort to the driver as well as to the passenger, the dashboard and the tech that the dash is fitted with is focused on the driver.

The package called Cadillac User Experience is standard on all trims and includes a 10-inch, multi-touch color screen with voice recognition, 3 USB ports, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, mobile device pairing through Near Field Communication. All trims are available with the navigation system-enhanced version of the experience package. Dual zone automatic climate control is also offered as standard.

Safety Features to Rely on with the Cadillac CT5

Cadillac has always been committed to making cars that are not only attractive and powerful, but safe to drive as well – small wonder the Cadillac CT5 offers such a complex safety pack as standard. All trim versions of the Cadillac CT5 come with 8 airbags, automatic emergency braking, forward collision alert, front pedestrian braking, a rear vision camera that delivers HD images and passenger sensing. The driver seat comes with a safety alert functionality that makes the bottom of the seat vibrate to inform the driver of dangerous situations, such as unintended lane departure. All models come with Teen Driver settings offered as standard, too – the feature monitors the maneuvering habits of the teen driver and turns on certain, important safety functions automatically, while also preventing the teen from disabling others.

In the near future, Cadillac will probably add the Super Cruise system to its list of available features. The Level-2 autonomous-driving system makes hands-free steering, acceleration and braking possible through advanced cameras, radar and mapping.

The Bottom Line

The Cadillac CT5 is an exciting and beautiful vehicle. Powerful and classy, comfortable, reliable and safe, this luxurious and sturdy sedan amazes with great look and performance – the trims that are already available are highly appreciated and the one that is just about to arrive is highly anticipated, not only by Cadillac enthusiasts, but by anyone passionate about quality.