chrysler 300

Consumer Reports has put together an article called “Luxury Car Alternatives That Will Save You Money“.  In it, they pick a specific model from a luxury brand, and then show an alternative model from a mainstream brand that competes with it, but for a significantly lower price of entry.   They chose six examples of luxury cars, and one of them was the Lexus LS.  The LS is Lexus’s largest and most expensive sedan, with an MSRP range that tops out over $100,000.  The LS series started in 1989 as the LS400 and has evolved into what’s now considered the LS line.  Consumer Reports gave it an overall score of 52 and gave it lower than average scores for predicted reliability and predicted owner satisfaction.  They were disappointed in the rear seat comfort, the cargo space and the confusing controls.  The ride is not up to previous Lexus standards and the new turbo six is no match for the previous V8.

Their choice for a “Savvy Substitute” is the 2020 Chrysler 300.  It has an overall score more than twenty points higher, and even in the top trim-the Limited AWD version, the sticker price is $45,835.  Predicted reliability and Predicted owner satisfaction are both above average.  They call it a comfortable and relaxing cruiser, and they give high points to the quiet ride, the “well tailored interior” and the exterior styling.  And even fully loaded, it’s less than half the price of the Lexus.