2017 Chevy Tahoe

Consumer Reports has just released a new report rating large SUV’s.  It’s titled “Most Reliable 3 Year Old Large SUVs” and as the name implies, it examines this group on the basis of reliability. General Motors vehicles were on the podium for the first and second place spots, and has three in the top five.  They went back to the 2017 model year for this report, which gives a good measurement of reliability based on three years worth of data and experience with vehicles in this class.  The Chevrolet Tahoe came in first, and they said of the Tahoe,  “it’s a good blend of practicality and refinement. It coddles occupants with a quiet, spacious interior, comfortable second-row captain’s chairs, and plenty of soft-padded surfaces”. The GMC Yukon was right behind it in second place, and they liked the luxurious interior trim, which is a hallmark of GMC vehicles.  The GM pair were followed by the Mercedes Benz GLS which has models ranging in price (2017 MSRPs) of $67,000 for the GLS 350d all the way up to $124,000 for the GLS 63.  Next was the Lexus LX570, which also has a relatively high sticker price, in this case, starting just above $90,000.  Rounding out the top five was the Buick Enclave which scored high marks for its comfortable ride, agile handling and roomy third row.