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If you claim your page, you are able to decide much of what is on your page.  Simply fill out the “Claim Your Page” form, and we will email you with instruction on how to change what is on your page.


The information in this paragraph can be dictated by the business once they claim their page.  It can be up to 300 characters in length and should be used to describe the business and talk about its history, capability, training, special tools and equipment and any certification(s).  You can also add hours and Directions, quotes or testimonials.  You can talk about guarantees, warrantees, and any other benefits of doing business with you.

Click here to claim your page: (this will be an email link) Tell us what page you’re claiming.

This is Advertising Space

We recommend that businesses buy this space if it’s on their own page, otherwise it can be purchased by anyone, and usually it’s done by a competitor.  We WANT businesses to control their own ad space, so we make it very affordable to do so at $49/mo. If they don’t, a competitor may purchase it, but at a much higher price $110/mo  We would much rather the business on the page owned the ad space also, and we only sell to competitors as a last resort. We don’t charge for these pages and need to pay for the design and implementation of the site, hosting fees, and image and software licensing.