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This is another comparison from on our ongoing series detailing Consumer Reports “Luxury Car Alternatives That Will Save You Money” from their July 2020 publication.

In it, they pick a specific model from a luxury brand, and then show an alternative model from a mainstream brand that they feel is a better alternative and with a lower price of entry.   They chose six examples of luxury cars, and for this one, it was the Infiniti Q50.

With an MSRP up to $56,250 when optioned out, the Q50 skews towards the expensive side for a Japanese luxury sedan. The folks at CR liked the acceleration of the Q50, but found that poor fuel economy, a “lackluster” interior, poor infotainment system, and a high degree of wind noise at highway speeds all detracted from its appeal. It was rated below average for both predicted reliability and predicted owner satisfaction. Overall, it earned a score of 71.

The “Savvy Substitute” they chose was the 2020 Subaru Legacy. With a fully optioned out Legacy Limited XT coming in at $35,895, it’s over twenty thousand dollars less than the Infiniti, and all Subarus come with their excellent Symmetrical All Wheel Drive system. The Legacy also comes with Subaru’s EyeSight, which is an entire suite of collision avoidance safety features. They like the ride, the quietness of the cabin and they commented that the Legacy has an “upscale feel”. They give the Legacy higher than average predicted reliability and owner satisfaction, and an overall score of 87, significantly higher than the Infiniti.